Click to find an international SoundTools™ distributor Works with all Shure & Line6 handheld transmitters as well as all Lectrosonics HH & Electro-Voice REV/RE2 Pro transmitters. Built rugged in the USA with the full SoundTools™ guarantee Click Here to Buy One Now for $80.00 This adaptor designed by SoundTools™ will allow you to use an Audix wireless capsule like the OM7(T367-CA), OM6(T366-CA), OM5(T365-CA), and OM3(T363-CA) on your existing Shure wireless handheld transmitter! Simply screw the adaptor onto your Audix wireless capsule, then screw the adaptor  and capsule pair onto the Shure/Line6/Lectrosonics or Electro-Voice REV/RE2 Pro wireless transmitter (Fully supports all Shure Performance Gear, PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R systems), and you can now use Audix wireless capsules with your existing Shure/Line6/Lectrosonics/EV transmitter! These are backed by the full SoundTools™ warranty. If you aren't happy with the Audix to Shure adaptor, just let us know and we'll take care of you. 100% Made In The USA! READ THE CHURCHTECHARTS REVIEW OF THE SOUNDTOOLS™ AUDIX TO SHURE  ADAPTOR HERE