Festival Grade Cat6a Shielded Cable

(Pricing will vary depending on length)

SoundTools SuperCAT XM is our most impressive cable yet, guaranteed to run AES50 without pops or dropouts over lengths up to 110 meters. This cable was designed with Sound Humans in mind, to ensure stable, reliable audio and data (AES3, AES50, Dante, Milan, AVB, MADI and more) over long distances while maintaining flexibility and easy coiling. Take it to 11 with SuperCAT XM!
-Cat6A grade cable
-S/FTP double shielding eliminates crosstalk and interference
-Red color makes it easy to see which cable is safe to run critical signals over long distances
-Guaranteed to carry AES50 up to 110 meters
-Polyurethane jacket resists abrasion and ensures flexibility even in cold weather


  • *varies by length*


  • no special requirements


  • CAT6a
  • AWG26/7
  • S/FTP
  • Halogen free polyurethane jacketed
  • 100Ω Impedance
  • Delay skew: 12 ns @ 100 MHz/100 m
  • Bandwidth: up to 10Gbp/s @ 500MHz
  • Cable Specifications PDF


  • CAT6a cable terminated with genuine Neutrik etherCON connectors


  • Lifetime Happy Human Warranty


  • varies by length

Long-Distance Champion

Reliable Data on Ultra Long Cable runs that exceed equipment maximum specs. SuperCAT XM is guaranteed to carry dropout-free AES50 signals up to 110 meters when using lengths of 100 meter cable plus 10 meter SuperCat XM extensions with Cat6A couplers. No static pops or dropouts. Works great with AES3, Dante, Milan, AVB, MADI as well.

Durable cable photo of ethercon

Fast cable with a cat box in photo

Festival Grade

SuperCAT XM is built to handle any concert, stadium, or festival environment. Rugged polyurethane jacketing resists abrasion while remaining flexible even in extreme weather environments. With reliability at long distances, you can confidently show up at your next gig and know your drive line won’t let you down.

Highly Compatible

SuperCAT XM is a stranded conductor cable that has been designed and tested to exceed the data integrity and usable lengths of solid conductor cables while maintaining superior flexibility and wind-ability. The red coloring makes it easy to see which cable to plug into for guaranteed audio and data over 100 meter runs.

Durable jacket performace grade cable


Certified for use with the SoundTools RATCAT family including CAT Tails, CAT Box and CAT Rack in addition to standard CAT6a applications.

Capable of carrying 48-volt phantom power, COM, AES3 or DMX.

S/FTP double shielding eliminates crosstalk and interference

Guaranteed to carry AES50 up to 110 meters


What is the Best Sound Tools Cable for long data cable runs?

SuperCat XM is specifically designed for long data runs.

Are CAT6a, Cat 7 and Cat5e interchangeable?

Yes to some degree. Cat6a and Cat 7 can be used when Cat5e is specified. Cat6a and Cat7 can typically be used interchangeably for short runs less than 30 meters. For long runs of 100 meters, Cat6a tends to be better than Cat7.

Is SuperCat XM as easy to wind and as flexible as SuperCat sound?

No, SuperCat XM has thicker wire gauge conductors and special insulators that are a bit stiffer. SuperCat Sound is our strongest and also lightest weight cable

What kind of shielding does your cable use?

The SoundTools SuperCAT XM cable uses has a braided outer shield and a foil shield for each twisted pair. We connect the shield to the RJ45 plug for continuity over ground.


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