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What makes the SuperCAT Sound special?

SuperCAT Sound was designed to be the most versatile and reliable CAT cable on the market. Most cat5 cable out there isn’t built for pro audio usage and when you are running cable from front of house to the stage, winding it up show after show, the average cat5 cable is just not durable enough. So with this thought in mind, Dave Rat set out to build the optimum cable. One that combined all the assets of high frequency response, high capable data capability with the windability and strength of an audio cable.

The SuperCAT Sound is a premium shielded CAT5e cable. Its specifications exceed standard cat5e, and 7. The unique design allows SuperCAT Sound to be terminated directly to tails (4 XLR, 4 DMX, 4 1/4 “TRS, 4 mini plug, etc) or standard RJ45/etherCON ends.

The cable features 4 individually shielded groups of twisted pair wires, each having their own drain wire. These are very high quality twists that are very precise, this improves the rejection of outside noise and allows higher frequency response to travel down it. The different pairs twist at different speeds to reduce the crosstalk between them and each pair has a clear plastic wrap that protects the shield so they don’t braid with each other, leading to short outs that create crackling sounds.

Inside the SuperCAT sound cable is a non woven wrap that stops the jacket from binding and gives the cable increased flexibility. The outside jacket is made of polyurethane, the same synthetic material that skateboard wheels are made out of. This gives it extreme durability and makes it reliable under extreme weather conditions while remaining flexible.


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CAT Box applications

April, 4th 2020

The SoundTools CAT Box carries analog audio over CAT5 and can be used in a multitude of applications.


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Testing COM with SuperCAT

Sep 20, 2018

One of my favorite parts of working in SoundTools sales is talking with customers about application ideas and solving common audio problems using