Remote End Cable Testers

Designed to quickly diagnose cables in live environments the Sniffer/Sender units are essential tools for every audio engineer’s toolbox. Test cables without ever having to bring the ends together or trouble shoot complex snake systems in minutes.

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Audio Over CAT5

The RATCAT Family is designed to simplify stage wiring by allowing up to four analog audio, AES3, DMX or COM lines to be transmitted down a single shielded Cat5e cable.

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SoundTools Audio Cable

We've field tested over twenty different types of shielded CAT5/6/7 cables and came up with our own design to meet the needs of the live touring environment.

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Mic accessories

Speciality devices

Our line of microphone accessory products cover a broad range of solutions for live touring and professional environments.

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SoundTools Apparel

Find some of the latest branded SoundTools shirts, bags, and more.

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Legacy Products

Speciality Gear

Products built for specific audio solutions. These items are in limited stock.

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