SuperCAT Lite

SuperCAT Lite

Shielded etherCON cable. Built to withstand the rigors of the touring world without breaking the bank.
  • Easy to coil and convient to store.
  • Terminated with Neutrik NE8MC-B-1 etherCON connectors.
  • In addition to standard crimping practices we hand solder the shield to improve its reliability in the field.

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General Information

Our SuperCAT Lite provides an economic option for cabling in the toughest audio, video, and lighting environments. In addition to standard crimping practices improve reliability we hand solder the shield to improve its stregnth in the field. The SuperCAT Lite is a four twisted pair 26 AWG cable, surrounded by a braided shield and a halogen free and flame retarded PUR (Polyurethane) that provides added protection and flexibility.

Comes in 100m/330ft - 60m/200ft - 30m/100ft - 15m/50ft - 3m/10ft - 1m/3ft lengths. For custom lengths or terminations please email


Certified for the SoundTools CAT Tails, CAT Snake and CAT Rack in addition to standard CAT5 applications.

Data Sheets

supercatlite Data Sheet



SoundTools Warranty Policy

All SoundTools products are covered by a one year no questions asked “Happy Human” warranty, wherein if a customer is unhappy for any reason they shall be able to return the item in the original packaging for a full refund from the place of purchase. Additionally, SoundTools strives for total customer satisfaction forever. If a customer wishes a replacement after the initial one-year warranty for any reason, we will replace it with one of equal or better condition.