CAT Tails Audio Over CAT5 Break Out

CAT Tails

Audio Over CAT5 Breakout Send or receive up to four audio lines down shielded CAT5/6/7 cable.

  • Compatible with balanced analog, AES/EBU, DMX, and Clear-Com signals
  • Low cost splitter system
  • Supports phantom power
  • Eliminates excess XLR cables

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General Information

CAT Tails utilizes a CAT5/etherCON breakout to four XLR cables. Each of its four lines can carry balanced analog, AES3, DMX, and COM signals hundreds of feet away. The CAT Tail is a fully passive unit which can be input directly into analog or digital consoles. Each channel is isolated which means channel 1 can send a DMX Signal while channel 2 is sending balanced analog all down the same shielded CAT5 cable.

Eliminates the need for additional XLR cables just plug directly into your audio channels and run them over shielded CAT5. Available in MX, FX, MFX, and FMX versions.


Attach the XLR cable ends to your audio channels and insert your shielded CAT5 cable into the etherCON connector. Pair with an additional CAT Tails, CAT Snake, CAT Rack, or WallCAT to send and receive four lines of balanced audio.


Data Sheets

Data Sheet


etherCON Wiring Diagram



Do I need to use shielded CAT5 cable?

Yes. Each of the channels share a common ground. This is especially important with digital signals.

How far can I send a my mic lines?

For balanced analog we've achieved distances of over 600ft using our SuperCAT cable. The results will vary with other CAT5 brands. For digital signals we reccommend distances up to 330 ft as per AES/EBU standards.

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