Mic Swapper

Mic Swapper

2 In 2 Out — Microphone Inverse Switch
  • Easy to use 2 position rotary switch
  • Four 5' cables terminated with Neutrik connectors
  • Made of aluminium to prevent rust

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General Information

The Mic Swapper offer two inputs (A and B) and two outputs (1 and 2) and a switch that allows the outputs to be reversed. If the main vocal goes down turn the rotary switch and the spare vocal will show up in the main vocal channels.


Use as a main/spare vocal Swapper:
Plug the main vocal mic into input A
Plug the spare vocal mic into input B
Plug output 1 into the main vocal channel Plug output 2 into the spare vocal channel

Data Sheets

5' Fan with 2 x Female XLR and 2 x Male XLR connectors.



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