Mic Switcher Microphone Selection Switch

Mic Switcher

3 In 1 Out — Microphone Selection Switch
  • Easy to use 3 position rotary switch
  • Four 5' cables terminated with Neutrik connectors
  • Made of aluminium to prevent rust

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General Information

The Mic Switcher enables the user to choose between three microphones without using a spare board channel. Its comprised of four XLR cables terminated to rugged rotary switch and aluminium barrel.


Simply plug in three mics and easily select between them by rotating the make before you break rotary switch. The Mic Swapper utilizes a low noise "make before break" switch though it is not silent and a click or pop may be heard. For most applications the pop is not an issue but for critical uses, muting the channels before switching is recommended

Data Sheets

5' Fan with 3 x Female XLR and 1 x Male XLR connectors.



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