DMX Sniffer/Sender Remote End Cable Tester

DMX Sniffer/Sender

Remote End Cable Tester — Three led indicators instantly diagnosis the status of DMX Cables.

  • Test cables remotely without bringing ends together
  • Instant advanced cable diagnostics
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Test audio snakes in seconds using phantom power

Starting From $55

General Information

Designed by Rat Sound to deal with the "real world" of pro audio, the SoundTools DMX Sniffer/Sender is the perfect tool for live environments. Test snake lines and cables when the ends are at a distance and avoid running extra cables just to test. Utilizing phantom power the Sniffer end can quickly test snake lines in minutes. The aluminum barrels eliminates the problem many testers face with solder joints failures and the unit will never rust. 3 simple LED’s will instantly diagnosis your cable as it tests for every possible shot, open, or cross wire in DMX cables. If the LED’s read all green you cable will work!


The DMX Sniffer tests the continuity of DMX cables. By attaching it to the female end of a cable with the sender unit on the opposite end, it will instantly diagnose the status of DMX cables by using 3 LED lights.

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The LED's on my DMX Sniffer/Sender are showing all red when plugged directly into each other. Is it broken?

Typically this occurs when the batteries are put in backwards. Reversing its position will return it to all green. This function enables our colorblind users to who on average can see the red instead of the green LED. All red would mean the cable if functioning properly.

SoundTools Warranty Policy

All SoundTools products are covered by a one year no questions asked “Happy Human” warranty, wherein if a customer is unhappy for any reason they shall be able to return the item in the original packaging for a full refund from the place of purchase. Additionally, SoundTools strives for total customer satisfaction forever. If a customer wishes a replacement after the initial one-year warranty for any reason, we will replace it with one of equal or better condition.