CAT Rack

Analog Audio Over CAT5 Rack Unit

$ 250.00

The SoundTools CAT Rack brings audio-over-Cat5 functionality to your rack with our reverse-mountable unit.
-Run 12 channels of audio or COM through 3 Cat5e cable lines
-Manufactured for reliability with touring in mind
-12 male or female XLR connections, 6 etherCON connections
-Custom configurations available on request
-Fits in 1U rack slot



  • Unit
  • Height x Width x Depth:
  • 2.5 in (63.5mm) x 18.88 in (479.5mm) x
  • 1.75 in (44.45mm)
  • Weight: 25.6 oz (.7 KG)
  • In Package
  • Height x Width x Depth:
  • 3.25 in (82.55mm) x 19.5 in (495.3mm) x
  • 2 in (50.8mm)
  • Weight: 32 oz (.90 KG)


  • *Requires shielded cable for full functionality
  • Analog audio (including phantom power!)
  • DMX signals
  • AES3 compatable
  • Intercom


  • 12 channels of balanced audio 3 over Cat5e cables
  • Removable and reversable rack ears
  • Compatible with DMX, COM and other 3-pin XLR based COM systems
  • AES72-2O compliant
  • Available in male and female configurations



  • Rack mountanble CAT Rack
  • 2 rack ears and screws (rack screws not included)
  • User documentation


  • Lifetime Happy Human Warranty


  • Male: CRMMMX
  • Female: CRFFFX


The SoundTools CAT Rack is a rack mount stage box capable of delivering up to 12 channels of audio and data from XLR or DMX sources over three CAT cable lines. Fully passive, these all-analog stage boxes are customizable to deliver the best in audio and data without interference or signal loss.



The SoundTools CAT Rack is the ultimate in rack-mounted XLR-to-Cat stage boxes. Twelve XLR ins or outs (call us for custom builds) line one side of the unit, and 3 pairs of etherCon ins and outs (6 connections total) are on the other side. CAT Racks are all-analog and designed with machined anodized aluminum and stainless steel screws for ultimate durability. When used with shielded Cat5e cable or better, the CAT Rack allows for the use of phantom power.


Easily reverse the rack ears to change which way the rack is mounted by unscrewing the two screws on each side.



Mount your CAT Rack on standard 19" rack rails, using the reversable ears for XLR or etherCON side out (remove screws to reverse rack ears). Attach your shielded CAT5 cables in the input or parallel etherCON connection on the back of each section of the CAT Rack. Attach your XLR cable ends to channels 1, 2, 3, or 4 in each section A, B, and C. Now you can run up to twelve lines of audio down three shielded CAT5 cables.

Pair with an additional CAT Rack, CAT Snake, CAT Rack, or WallCAT to send and receive four lines of balanced audio.

Application Guides:

CAT Rack Stage Box Application

CAT Rack Sub Snake Application

CAT Rack Mixed Signals Application

CAT Rack IEM Application


Do I need to use shielded CAT5 cable?

Yes. Each of the channels share a common ground. This is especially important with digital signals.

How far can I send a my mic lines?

For balanced analog we've achieved distances of over 600ft using our SuperCAT cable. The results will vary with other CAT5 brands. For digital signals we reccommend distances up to 330 ft as per AES/EBU standards.

Can I use the CAT Rack with the SoundTools CAT Tails or CAT Box?

Absolutely! All of the RATCAT family will work together, bringing audio over CAT to the places you need​ it most. Connect CAT Box to CAT Tails or CAT Racks, split signals using the parallell/thru jacks, and route your audio where you want.

Can I send audio in both directions or do I need another gender CAT Rack?

Absolutely! All of the RATCAT family will work together, bringing audio over CAT to the places you need​ it most. Connect CAT Rack to CAT Tails or CAT Box, split signals using the parallell/thru jacks, and route your audio where you want.

Is shielded cable really required?

The short answer is no. But in order to use phantom power and to minimize noise, we strongly suggest you use properly shielded cable. You can check if your cable is shielded by checking for continuity on the RJ45 jack using a multi-meter. Still not sure? Just purchase SuperCAT and you know you'll be covered.

Can I use it with my (digital console)?

While the CAT Rack will work with any console on the market, it is important ​to note that it does not do any D/A conversion. The beauty of the CAT Rack is that it sends analog audio over lightweight CAT cable, no conversion required. Hook directly up to your XLR connections and let CAT Rack do the rest.

Do you have a wiring diagram available?

You can download a PDF version of the CAT Family Wiring Diagram HERE

SoundTools Warranty Policy

All SoundTools products are covered by a one year no questions asked “Happy Human” warranty, wherein if a customer is unhappy for any reason they shall be able to return the item in the original packaging for a full refund from the place of purchase. Additionally, SoundTools strives for total customer satisfaction forever. If a customer wishes a replacement after the initial one-year warranty for any reason, we will replace it with one of equal or better condition.


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