SuperCAT Sound Tails RJ45

Analog Audio Over CAT5 Breakout Snake

$ 115.00

Speed up load ins and load outs by using less cables and connections with the SoundTools SuperCAT Tails, our easy-to-use four channels over shielded CAT5e breakout cable.
-One shielded RJ45 connector and four black Neutrik XLR connectors, laser engraved 1-4
-Connects to Cat5e cables with Neutrik etherCON adapter (NE8FF)
-Made with SuperCAT Sound cable which excels in durability and reliability
-60” in total length with a 54” span



  • Unit
  • Total Length: 60"
  • Span Length: 54"
  • Weight: 9.6 oz (.272 KG)
  • In Package
  • Height x Width x Depth:
  • 9 in (228.6mm) x 10.5 in (266.7mm) x
  • 1 in (25.4mm)
  • Weight: 13 oz (.368 KG)


  • *Requires shielded cable for full functionality
  • Analog audio including phantom power
  • DMX
  • AES3
  • Intercom


  • Available in Male or Female
  • Available with RJ45 or etherCON connection
  • Complatible with all SoundTools Analog Audio Over CAT5 products
  • Connects to CAT5/6/7 cables with Neutrik etherCON adapter (NE8FF)
  • AES72-2O compliant



  • SuperCAT Sound Tails breakout snake
  • SoundTools Canvas bag
  • User documentation


  • Lifetime Happy Human Warranty


  • EtherCON female XLR: SCST-FX-E
  • EtherCON male XLR: SCST-MX-E
  • RJ45 female XLR: SCST-FX-RJ
  • RJ45 male XLR: SCST-MX-RJ
  • EtherCON female DMX: SCST-FD-E
  • EtherCON male DMX: SCST-MD-E


The SoundTools SuperCAT Sound cable allows the SuperCAT Tails to achieve a new level of simplicity at a lower cost while enhancing reliability and reducing weight. The SuperCAT Sound Tails implement a male cable mount RJ45 on one end, terminating to four XLR 3-pin or DMX 5-pin connectors on the other end. The SuperCAT Tails can be directly plugged into SoundTools CAT Tails forming a disconnectable four channel male-to-female cable or to create four channel adaptors of differing genders and connector types.



The SuperCAT Tails combine key aspects of both the SoundTools CAT Tails and SuperCAT Sound cable to create a high-quality, durable and cost-effective product specifically aimed to excel in high-impact, touring environments. The SuperCAT Sound cable is designed with sound in mind; each of the four twisted pairs has its own separate drain wire and shield, and each pair is precisely twisted to eliminate crosstalk, reject outside noise, and allow for higher frequency response.

Learn more about our SuperCAT Sound Cable


The 3-band strain relief system designed by SoundTools offers enhanced durability and prevents the shrink-wrap from flaring or slipping at the crucial junction of the four cables.
Wrap 1: Binds the four bylon mesh covered cables together.
Wrap 2: Offers support for the transition of the four cables to the SuperCAT Sound Cable.
Wrap 3: Adds diameter and maximizes adhesion of the shrink tubing the the SuperCAT Sound Cable.




The SuperCAT Tails are compatible with all the products in the RATCAT family, including the SoundTools CAT Box, CAT Rack, CAT Tails, and WallCAT, allowing you to create a comprehensive and versatile modular snaking system. They can also be used with a shieled etherCON connector such as the Neutrik etherCON adapter (NE8FF).


One of our goals at SoundTools is to minimize waste, and whenever possible, we incorporate reusability into our packaging designs. Each of our SuperCAT Tails are packaged in a sturdy canvas bag, which allows you to not only stay organized while protecting your tools but also makes for a fantastic toiletry bag, sharpie case, or snack holder; the possibilities are endless.



The SuperCAT Sound Tails combine key aspects of both the SoundTools CAT Tails and SuperCAT Sound cable to create a high-quality, durable and cost-effective product specifically aimed to excel in high-impact, touring environments. The SuperCAT Tails employ a male RJ45 or etherCON connector that can be plugged directly into numerous SoundTools RATCAT products allowing the SuperCAT Tails to be used as a fanout to four channels of XLR or DMX. The SuperCAT Tails simplify your stage set up by running one slim Cat5e cable instead of four XLR or DMX cables, and can run any mixture of four lines of audio, DMX, COM, or AES3 and is compatible with 48-volt phantom power.


Do I need to use shielded CAT5 cable?

Yes. Each of the channels share a common ground. This is especially important with digital signals.

How far can I send a my mic lines?

For balanced analog we've achieved distances of over 600ft using our SuperCAT cable. The results will vary with other CAT5 brands. For digital signals we reccommend distances up to 330 ft as per AES/EBU standards.

Do you have a wiring diagram available?

You can download a PDF version of the CAT Family Wiring Diagram HERE

SoundTools Warranty Policy

All SoundTools products are covered by a one year no questions asked “Happy Human” warranty, wherein if a customer is unhappy for any reason they shall be able to return the item in the original packaging for a full refund from the place of purchase. Additionally, SoundTools strives for total customer satisfaction forever. If a customer wishes a replacement after the initial one-year warranty for any reason, we will replace it with one of equal or better condition.


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