Entertainment Grade Shielded Cable

(Pricing will vary depending on length)

SoundTools SuperCAT Sound cable is the best of the best in Entertainment Grade CAT cable for live tours and festivals. Optimized for maximum durability and reliability on the road and in harsh environments.
-Exceeds standards for CAT5e
-Precisely twisted, individually shielded pairs allow for both audio and data transmissions
-Rugged polyurethane (PUR) jacket for maximum protection, flexibility, and pull strength
-Can be terminated to tails, standard EtherCON ends, or RJ45


  • *varies by length*


  • no special requirements


  • CAT5e
  • AWG26/19
  • U/FTP
  • Halogen free polyurethane jacketed
  • 100Ω Impedance
  • Return loss @100MHz - 28 dB/100m
  • Cable Specifications PDF


  • CAT5e cable terminated with genuine Neutrik NE8MC-B-1 connectors


  • Lifetime Happy Human Warranty


  • varies by length


Designed by Dave Rat to be the most versatile and reliable CAT cable on the market, the SuperCAT Sound cable combines high performance data cable with the best in pro audio. We took 12 conductor cable, added a non-woven wrap for increased flexibility, and jacketed it all in extremely durable polyurethane. What you get is an easy-to-handle CAT cable that can withstand the rigors of pro audio use, night-after-night, no matter the environment.



One of the things that makes SuperCAT Sound so special is that each twisted pair has its own drain wire and shield, meaning that it can be terminated directly to tails (4 XLR, DMX, ¼” TRS, or mini plug connections) or with high-quality RJ45/etherCON connectors. Each pair is precisely twisted to eliminate crosstalk, reject outside noise, and allow for higher frequency response. These cables are built with touring in mind.


Why pay more for SuperCAT Sound?

  • It’s cost efficient. Combined with our other SoundTools products like the CAT Box, CAT Tails and CAT Racks, audio/data over CAT uses one highly durable and flexible cable where others use four.
  • This is the last cable you’ll need to buy. We build SuperCAT Sound cables to take an absolute beating on the road and still deliver flawless audio and data. It’s the same cable RAT Sound uses for major festivals like Coachella, Stagecoach and international touring acts like Pearl Jam and Alt-J.
  • Your confidence is worth it. With SuperCAT Sound, you know you have the best cable available on the market. Our Happy Human Warranty guarantees your happiness with SuperCAT cables for life.


    Certified for use with the SoundTools RATCAT family including CAT Tails, CAT Box and CAT Rack in addition to standard CAT5e applications.

    Capable of carrying 48-volt phantom power, COM, and DMX.

    Short twist pitch and high-quality insulation make for safe data transfer.

    12 wire cable consisting of: four foil-shielded twisted pairs, each with a dedicated ground drain wire


    Can I use your cable for data/analog?

    Short answer, yes! Long answer, the SuperCAT Sound cable can be use for either digital signals or analog and sometimes both at the same time. Using the analog capabilities you can run four separate lines of AES over the system, or simply use the cable for an all digital connection.

    What spec is the SuperCAT cable?

    SuperCAT Sound cable is a CAT5e AWG26/19 U/FTP spec using a Halogen free polyurethane. The cable is flame & UV resistant and is specifically designed for long cable runs, exposure to the elements, and portable applications.

    Does it come in other colors?

    No. At this time SuperCAT Sound only comes in blue.

    Is it possible to buy unterminated lengths?

    We currently provide unterminated cable at lengths of 500 ft. and above. We will try to accommodate custom lengths when possible.

    What kind of shielding does your cable use?

    The SoundTools SuperCAT Sound cable uses a foil shield with drain wire which we connect to the RJ45 jack for continuity over ground.


    SoundTools products are curated to thrive in the harshest of live sound and audio environments. We have the Happy Human Warranty because of our confidence in the reliability of SoundTools products. If you are unhappy with a SoundTools product for any reason, return it within one year in its original packaging to the place of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

    If you experience any unhappiness after the one year warranty, return it to SoundTools with or without packaging in any condition and we will happily replace your SoundTools product with a new or reconditioned unit, for life.

    *In the event your SoundTools product is discontinued, give us a shout and we will figure it out.


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