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September 18th, 2020

CAMARILLO, CA, September 18th, 2020– SuperCAT Sound Tails are an extremely versatile product made possible by the existence of our custom SuperCAT Sound Cable. The SuperCAT Tails achieve a new level of simplicity at a lower cost while reducing weight. The SuperCAT Sound Tails implement a male cable mount etherCON on one end, terminating to four XLR 3-pin, DMX 5-pin, or quarter-inch connectors on the other end. The SuperCAT Sound Tails can be plugged directly into the SoundTools CAT Tails forming a dis-connectable four channel male-to-female cable or allowing for a wide variety of four channel adapter sets of differing genders and connector types. A Neutrik etherCON barrel (NE8FF) can be used to connect the SuperCAT Sound Tails to an etherCON cable.

The SuperCAT Tails combine key aspects of both the SoundTools CAT Tails and SuperCAT Sound Cable to create a high-quality, durable and cost-effective product specifically aimed to excel in high-impact, touring environments. The SuperCAT Tails employ a male RJ45 or etherCON connector that can be plugged directly into numerous SoundTools RATCAT products allowing the SuperCAT Tails to be used as a fanout to four channels of XLR or DMX. The SuperCAT Tails can simplify your stage set up by running one slim Cat5e cable instead of four XLR or DMX cables, and can run any mixture of four lines of audio, DMX, COM, or AES3 and is compatible with 48-volt phantom power.

“SuperCAT Sound Tails are awesome,” says Dave Rat, who designs the SoundTools products. “When I designed the SuperCAT Sound Cable with the individually grounded and shielded pairs it created the ability to have a set of etherCON tails that are terminated like a standard 4 channel audio snake.” He explains that they function identically to the CAT Tails product if used with an Neutrik etherCON barrel and have the added advantage of being able to work with other RATCAT products. “I designed the SuperCAT Sound Tails to lower their cost and reduce weight.”

The SuperCAT Sound Tails, as well as all of our products at SoundTools, are covered by our Happy Human Warranty! If you need a replacement during the units lifetime, give our team a shout.


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